What We Do
The CFPG is a multi-agency
food poverty

We consist of 30+ local community organisations...

Chaired by Joe McSharry of Open Heaven Church
and strategically led by The Bridge (East Midlands),
the CFPG provides food to those in need within an empowering and non-judgmental model.
Our member organisations work together within a joined-up and coordinated approach, to ensure that we achieve the best client-focused outcomes for people who live in Charnwood. 
The diversity of the food projects provided by CFPG members enables us to support more people in an efficient and cost-effective way. 
We believe that food provision is a pathway to further support.
A child eats cereal
Nobody deserves to go hungry
So how does it work?

Our Food Poverty Development Officer co-ordinates our Central Hub. This is a storage facility with regularly replenished stores of food, provided from supermarkets, donations and FareShare membership.


Our member organisations can access food from the Central Hub, to ensure they have a steady supply of food that is of good nutritional balance and variety. This helps food provision become more reliable and easily accessible against the rising numbers of people experiencing food poverty. The variety also ensures that we give out food parcels that are nutritionally balanced, with goods that can make proper meals.

We also co-ordinate 'Satellite Centres' to distribute food in Shepshed and Mountsorrel. These provide scope to develop innovative approaches to food provision, alongside their established food projects.

What makes us different?

➡ We aim to be innovative, creating non-judgemental ways of developing food provision.

Our Satellite Centre in Mountsorrel, for example, is based in a community setting where we have installed a 'Community Fridge'.


Local people experiencing food poverty are invited to freely take what they need, without a complicated referral system. This includes fresh goods, which are not usually provided within standard local food parcels, in efforts to tackle malnutrition as a consequence of food poverty.


Clients anonymously put a counter into a box that describes their situation, so that we can better understand the causes of food poverty.

➡ Our Central Hub enables our member organisations to have a steady supply of food, allowing them to keep up with the demand for food provision. It also allows for a wider range of goods, so organisations can provide more useful and nutritionally balanced food parcels.

➡ We do not only supply food parcels; hot food is provided by a number of our member organisations for those in need. These meals can be a life-line for people, especially for those without cooking facilities.

➡ With big aims, we are more than just an allegiance of food providers. We are creating a strategic approach to tackling food poverty, advocating the importance of affordable, nutritious and sustainable food for all. By co-ordinating our work, we ensure that we achieve the best outcomes, avoid duplication and remain cost-effective.


➡ In the future, we aim to extend our work to further help local people, advising on nutritional health, cooking and budgeting to create long-term change.


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