We need your support...
As a not-for-profit strategic initiative, we rely on grants and donations to continue our work in supporting the local community. Many of our members are charities, small businesses, faith-based organisations and more, so we always work in the most sustainable and cost-effective ways.
There are a number of different ways in which you can support us to help local people tackle food poverty....
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You could
Join our group

If you are a local individual or organisation who would like to become part of the 

Charnwood Food Poverty Group, please contact us.


Whether you currently provide food to local people, or have the capacity to start, let us know via the contact form below. 


We are also looking to expand our work to provide Healthy Eating Programmes. If you feel you could help us achieve this, please get in touch.


Why not
for us

Reliant on grant funding and donations, your fundraising efforts could really make a difference to our work. Bake sales, raffles... give it a go!

We will support you the whole way.

Fundraising can be as big or small as you make it. Whether you decide a marathon is for you, or whether you would like to help us as part of your organisations Corporate Social Responsibility, every bit of support makes a difference.

You can

Your donations of long-life, ambient foods go a long way.


If you are planning to donate some goods, please contact your local foodbank (found here), or email our Food Poverty Developent Officer to support our Central Hub (via the contact form below).

In a standard donation, we recommend long-life foods that are variable and can be used well together to create a meal.

We also require goods for people without cooking facilities.

For any enquiries, please fill in the following contact form.

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