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Covid-19 Update:

The Bridge (East Midlands) and John Storer House are working closely with Charnwood Borough Council to ensure support is available in these challenging times, working within Government guidelines.

If you are experiencing hardship and need support with food, please contact our team at The Bridge (East Midlands) on 08000385964.

Together, we can fight food poverty.

Founded in 2018, the Charnwood Food Poverty Group believes no member

of the community should go hungry.  Our overarching aim, therefore, is to:


"Work towards the eradication of Food Poverty in Charnwood"

By working in partnership, together as a whole group and in subgroups,

we aim to:

"...increase ACCESS to good food, empowering people to use and enjoy it"

"...improve ADVOCACY for the reduction in household food poverty"

" together with AGENCIES  to provide food within a

non-judgemental model"

By taking an empowering and nonjudgemental approach

we hope to achieve consistent, reliable and

varied access to food, to support individuals in Charnwood.

We are a co-ordinated multi-agency partnership working to

improve the quality of food provision,

advocating for the reduction of food poverty.

We see food provision as a pathway to people accessing the related support they may need... 

5 million

Did you know...
The Food Foundation reports that there are
households with children, who have experienced
food insecurity since the beginning of 'lockdown'.

What is food poverty?

We define food poverty as the inability to afford, or have access to, foods that make up a balanced, healthy diet.  


Sadly, food poverty is on the rise. Statistics from the Trussell Trust suggested that April-September 2019 saw the highest demand for food parcels on record, which has now been surpassed during the pandemic.

The Charnwood Food Poverty Group is making a substantial difference to the lives of local people already. 


During the months of July 2019-January 2020, we helped provide food to over 3962 local people and families, as well as

18 local community organisations.

Throughout the pandemic, member organisations of the CFPG teamed up to become Charnwood Community Action, which distributed over 10,000 food parcels during lockdown.

Who do we help?

The Charnwood Food Poverty Group strives to help any individual or and family, living in Charnwood, who needs access to food provision. This may be due to:

• unemployment • low income • homelessness • Universal Credit instability

• delayed wages • debt • ill health • unforeseen crisis • school holiday meals • and more


Our members provide a range of services; to find out more about how we can help you, please visit the 'Our Services' page.

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